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Subconscious is a concept album that deals with exploring how the mind might construct a schema to understand the world. I recommend just enjoying the music to start off with, then you can dig into the jumbo-sized liner notes if the mood takes you. I also recommend buying and/or purchasing this record for the very special price of six bucks, an incredible savings of -$6 versus the leading competitor. Nothing says "I love you" like the gift of angst ridden, contrapuntally dense art-rock. Enjoy!


released August 4, 2012

all songs written and recorded by Rob Dietrich
produced by Rob Dietrich and Noah Kleiman
mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk



all rights reserved


The Perfect Band Portland, Oregon

Beginner Poetry, Advanced Counterpoint, Intermediate Face Melting.

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Track Name: White Rose
What you wanna hear, I wanna say
To not hesitate, to not overstay when things come apart
To know the end before the start

But white as ghosts, they cupped the soul
In heat, desolate, the petals roll as things come apart
With the illusion of control

No art of love content torched all the pleas we sent,
Came through in deeper signs to breathe in ashes of what we'd been
The stem around aorta winds to bloom and bleed within

Die all, die on it where you can
Why hold now when the time will never come again?
Why's no man gonna say what you wanna hear?
Why's now all there is left for us to steer

If I were real, what could we do?
If all I conceived could pass to you when things come apart,
If the old became the new
Track Name: Shield
You believed someone knew, we would find ourselves and you
would say "good things come to those", and we've helped ourselves God knows
to good for us that weights our point of view and divides the sides through

Who you've seen are shields we've made
alone in quiet below,
and where they end and we begin,
how would anyone know?

How alone, how awake? How appropriate to take
prisoner one who sees that you are seized prisoner to
the reflections of ourselves we sell as true but never met or knew

And would you hold that mirror like your own design
if it was you on the other end of the line?
I'm sorry I don't know your heart from mine
The expression might suppose, but don't trust that someone knows
who detained that you might last a whole life through
or answer is the last rendition you?
Track Name: What We've Seen
Time was a person could get away
All relief was thrown into, like hands in clay
Now you're lucky to find a day to look in or hear out
Only sideways glances can confirm they know what you're about

When we go
What' we've seen
in times we broke routine
are never again shown

Slipping out
from between
the hum of support machine
and all that we've known

TIme was another hand's been played
All who go beholden to everyone who stayed
Who moving on unknowing made their effigy to hold devout
An afterimage to keep things warm until they short your memory out

Sure, bring it with you, we can't go wasting all that wealth
Bring them up to speed to skim across the surface of yourself
And pull that blanket tight before you blink out
And shut out every voice that might inspire you to think out
Track Name: Future Perfect
I think you've got too good an idea where this is going
I've been here too,
and things have got a way to hold off showing
what's coming through

Could blame yourself, could blame the seam we followed to be here,
but I don't know what's wrong, or if I do, knowing's never made it feel any righter

Oh, so you're sure I'll find my answers?
If you could hear yourself, you wouldn't be sure of anything at all,
and I'd belong, and be a great admirer,
but I've been here too long to believe you.
Track Name: Settler
Woke up tired in your skin
How to begin?
Set day up good
Done with it as fast as you could
and what you want, and who you are
can be set aside,
or can be denied
We'll just agree
that's how it's gonna be

Believe me, there's something I would have loved to see, but what's done
Believe me, I was supposed to be that one

So much more to attain
How to explain?
Set kid up good
if sure to be misunderstood
and all you feel for what you sow
had best be kept inside
You're what you provide
We'll just agree
that's how it's gonna be

My brightest dreams I hid from in any other task
You know you've waited too long if you have to ask
Track Name: Take Something
May as well take something, as you've come so far
May as well take something to show you as you are

Fine enough, they know what you had
Fine enough not to show how bad

May as well have nothing, much as you think you need
May as well have nothing as reach your prize to watch a rising bar recede

Fine enough, you gave your best
Fine enough who you impressed

Will you take something from me
You may as well sell those plans for time
'Cause there'll always be
another goal to chase down the line
and if you were made to march in this parade
what are you doing with that mind?
Track Name: Succession
I'll believe something real has carried this wave in
All the breaks I've caught caught me up in what may have been
Other lives wherein time's held back or hurried to
Propagate and relieve that chain where they bury you

Soon more than rippling night will throw our sleep into the stars
Soon the fullest water of life our soul to keep make truly ours
Track Name: Trust
It's easier work forgetting than changing your mind
So fits you'd stop regretting and leave us behind
But trust you earn, you own, and if you can believe
without a question or doubt in your head
in all sweet suggestion he sayeth you've read
Trust is real, a chance; trust is better than faith

You might have been, you might have begun, we'll never know
It's a bad thing that ends before it's done, and you go

But everything to trust in is here, and harder to
You imagine, the risk will disappear, and you're through
Track Name: Window
Let go to begin
Window to the wind
Reason rescind
Sink in to skin

In a way, you are a debut; let it go to let it in

Long at sea with no stars
Lost the world and found ours

Was to hear, not to heard
To be, not to were
In form infer
Wired into word

How that hard strand saw no God's hand, never was planned to recur

Long returned from real time
Gone to wind the dreams I'm
Track Name: Reality
She gets ahead above the herd, a screaming halt inside her car
To see our lives cast absurd for what we think we are

"Stop what you're doing and look at this man leap to the sea from the center span"
You say "How can that be?", well I'll say he lost out investing in dignity

Now the traffic's backed up and the papers read
That the run on the bank is a stampede
And we're all packed up like the governor said
And we're too damn proud to hang our head

Only look up where Blue Angels pour
Over the bridge where nobody drown
Oh, reality--down down down!

Oh the humanity she saw wasn't the one we knew;
It was a picture we couldn't draw; it meant people doing what they couldn't do

Stop what you're doing and see how that sting doesn't change a goddamned thing
How right now you're distraught, but that unthinkable thought will soon be good as forgot

So let the rioters clash with the private police
To a nominal GDP increase
Let the market that crashed while those jumpers fell
Ride high as a lie on a carousel

OK the funds for the making of more
Oh say can you see our growing renown?
Oh, reality--down down down!

Three fifths of your man might delay the flood--a full six fingers to plug up the levee
You don't want to see, so don't ask who's gonna sluice through the mud
With three fifths of a world soaked heavy in blood, and we take it

And we come so close to making sense, we've gotta hire good boys to come take us away
And they walk us out behind the fence, better we don't hear what we've got to say

Stop what you're doing, and take the scene as men light themselves up with gasoline
and change everyone but the ones that needed to change, and they still haven't heeded

And they still take the power to say what's true
And the rest take a giant "fuck you"
And we still think the world just came this way
And we shit in our pants and say Owner! Owner! Owner!

Owner knows best when to make a war
Open the internment camp in your town
Oh, reality--down down down!
Track Name: Shone
Make me a reason, make me need more than I can hold
Let me hear you say that it's real, and stay to feel where before was cold

Make me a reason, make apart deeper than alone
Give upon the past, all that grows to last now shows if we really shone

All summer we can tell will from memory bleed
Soft as silk pouring out are the ones we need
Turn me on to an end, and if we can't ascend or burn
Make me a reason to return
Track Name: River
Say to me one word and I will hear a hundred streams
of futures pouring out of us in ringing, waking dreams
Say that you hear the song of the wind and rain
and whether the listener has more to lose or gain
Fill my veins like a writhing, boiling spring
'til it's like I've never heard anything

Show to me one truth and I will see a sky of fire,
and every light a soul alone, wrapped in its own desire
Show me the peeling fault in our facade
Pretend a current and I will smile and nod
Let it tangle until breathing breaks the string
'til it's like I've never seen anything

'Til burning sails are cut away to sink into the past
and salvaging is on the lips of everyone at last
Now when we feel why everyone pretends
Now we know we run where the river ends
For all your tears, no one will stay

Ask of me one word and I will know that you are mine
Where rivulets emerging into open air combine,
Ask of me then if I know what my life is for
and if we have fuel to burn the masks we wore,
fill my soul with imperfect night to sing
'til it's like I've never known anything