by The Perfect Band

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released November 23, 2013

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Rob Dietrich
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk



all rights reserved


The Perfect Band Portland, Oregon

Beginner Poetry, Advanced Counterpoint, Intermediate Face Melting.

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Track Name: Freer
Stay with us a while, I hope at least you'll see for yourself if you belong
What've you got to lose next to what's to gain if you're wrong
If all your life you've been afraid to let us in for no reason at all
Well you'd owe it to yourself to call

No love, you can fake it 'til you make it 'til you die, but I'm not yours

See how you all fall back on yourselves when it'd be better if the bottom dropped out
See how security holds you back and keeps your minds off what your lives are about
How that communing is designed to help you feel defined and known and true
At least admit that it's all about you

To never be free, never be freer
Never compelled, never controlled
To never be, never be here
Never beheld, never behold

No love, beautiful wrong, I'm not yours
Track Name: This Day
On this day a wall came down
On this day what's lost is found
Come home and see how your life could be
And unite and resound

Come behold our time of grace
Lonely soul, come show your face
And be strong and chaste as the one you replaced
And know you've been here all along

And know this day will come for everyone
When some glimmer of what's real will change me
And I will know why and what I feel

And what I feel will come after why I feel it
And I'll answer before my questions form
In some more immediate hour I'll know and be able to let go
And be an island in the storm

And in that clear hour
When we know that we're the same
Carry me through and I'll see to you
And say your name
Track Name: Be Seen
I want you to see and be seen
to find a way to me and say

all the things you know and believe
to find a way to show and say

you're here with me
and some things you must be seen to see
but where these must be believed to know
how could you follow
a way to me

I would meet your eye and to me
you would not say goodbye or stay

Be here with me
Some things you must be seen to see
but where these must be believed to know
how could you follow

and why would you go
Is it not enough that the sand on your feet is the same as on mine
Is it not enough to be here in the world and that I see you shine

To feel your skin
To listen to water flow

To see and be seen
Know and be known
to me

I want you to see and be seen
to find a way to me and say
it is
Track Name: Home
Well there was a home for me
though all things must disappear
made of thoughts and tended here
and now debris

but in life it should be seen
so pretend it strong and green
breathe new air into memory
of what time stole and see

Oh my soul, you're gone
I thought that you were whole and I was wrong

So to you I leave my heart
and to you I leave my eyes
and to you I make my ties
if you will abet

and then when we come apart
then the home I built you here
where you were some other year
I will not forget

I thought that you were whole and I was wrong
forgot that you were too sole to belong
that underneath the crust there was no core
I thought until you just were no more
Track Name: A Nation
Security, Identity, Profit and Purity:
scale these up enough and be risen from obscurity
A nation that will serve you with the rhetoric of equality
and never mind the truth of it where it conflicts with polity

Entitlement by arbitrary power whose wants tonight
hide the needs of those deeper under cover of might
And can I deserve what is mine by a shunt
We can, we must, we are, we came, we saw, we conquered; hail the national front

Ask not what you can do for your country; it only asks that you presume
Ask what your country does to those who live within its breathing room

A nation accountable to nothing is sleeping
Whose livelihood now needs safekeeping
Her patriots to profiteers a few bad apples more
or is a nation serving something different at its core

Security, Identity, Profit and Purity:
scale these up enough and see which will reach maturity
And can I still serve as a suit or a grunt
We can, we must, we are, we came, we saw, we conquered; hail the national front
Track Name: Your Right
You're the right one
There was no time without you
Everything is about you
You and your life, the center

And that feeling
almost like you were chosen
all of the others frozen
lives you can never enter

It drowns a mind in what amounts
to "I'm the only one that counts"

You're the right one
Everyone else is theory
Now, even though you hear me,
you could be my inventor

But I see you,
and if this is believing,
light and the sense receiving,
open your eyes and show me

You're the right one
Never a glance behind you
Nothing there would remind you
No reason now to know me

You push the act and feed your pride
until you're fooled that deep inside

You're the right one
Right to be all you care for
Right to be free, and therefore
Right to be free is holy

All alone your right
Empty freedom your prize
Such gifts lay behind these lies:
You're the right one
You're the right one
Track Name: Human Fire
We played a part in our own compromise when
We stayed above and didn't criticize while
We made a brave show of a fight
We hold out and then step into the light
Leave no doubt that we'd be a new soul
And sold out with a whimper for whatever needed justice to roll

You can't pretend we were not there
Or did not hear or did not care
The lie was laid out cold and bare
And showed what we are

We stood and watched and said that it was right and
We would be playing for ourselves tonight but
What good to make shows for a man
Predefined in the heart of his own plan
Redesigned in a moment of desire
Be a mind and bear witness to the world as it's thrown on the fire

The more we know what's wrong
The less we follow through
The lies we tell ourselves still ringing true

Make us a plan that can mend that mind
Or make us blind or make us atone
Make us anything but a human fire that has no future, alone
Track Name: As a Bell
The things we did for God's sake
We really thought we knew what we were getting into
We pleased ourselves by thinking small
Like it all could be taken any way, and no role we couldn't pretend to

Make me is what you said
Make me is what you did
Every man for himself and done

To thy own drum
To thy own greed
And told yourself you needed to make an island, every one

What you don't know, you'll never

I know you could see
Anyone but me
Clear as days too bright to look through
Bless me father, for I am you

They say we've got stubborn written in our code
And I believe those words because they bother me
Because if anything I ought to be my own, not some piece of yours bestowed

What you don't know, you'll never

I know you could hear
But I'm so near
Clear as bells too close to ring true
Bless me father, for I am you

In this way, I tell you things that I could never say
I do know
But to feel the change in the roots and the keys would tear the fabric of my soul away
You though

I know you could be
More than absentee
Clear as tears too late and too few
Bless me father, for I am you
Track Name: Order
Order me in your mind to an end
To put yourself at ease
To make calls that would have to depend
On amounts and degrees
To proceed as you please

Order me in your mind and pretend
You were blind but now see
Go on thinking it's what we intend
That's defined you and me

But listen to the change
As oceans breathe
And know that change will come
Whether or not you believe

Order me in you mind and be free
From the weight of that choice
From that sleepless awareness of me
When you're hearing my voice
Order me and rejoice

And when everything's safely aligned
In the key of your dream
Then rest easy with all of mankind
Know you have my esteem

And whether or not everything's a reflection of you
With its label assigned
And whether or not everything stands correct in your view
Order me